Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for growing with us this year. As we celebrate with friends and family today, we’d like to extend our sincerest thank you for sharing the seasons with us this year.

Just a little reminder from embriven – Give thanks to God for each day, good or bad; For just like the good days are meant to make you happy, the bad days are meant to make you strong. May you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


hi there, so a little here and there lately…my husband and i have been busy bees. we just celebrated his birthday last friday and that was on the same day i flew back from arizona (for work) so imagine how exhausting that could be. poor husband, had to celebrate his birthday with a tired wife but we’re at the age where birthdays are not important anymore – in fact i don’t want it to come so fast! 馃檪 anyhow, we went out to eat and i continued to work after the little celebration. below is a picture of the birthday boy!

we are just rolling and preparing for new and exciting things to happen in our life!

happy tuesday!


Engagment Photos at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Session One

We had the honor and privilege to do an engagement photo-shoot with Sothear Nuon and Randy Tu of Aesthetic Shutter this past weekend. The day had perfect weather for the shoot and it was so much fun getting ready and posing for the cameras. Here are our engagement photos…

Dora D.

Photograhpher: Aesthetic Shutter / Venue: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk / Bride-to-Be’s Dress: Francesca’s Collection / Bride-to-Be’s Shoes: Anthropologie / Groom-to-Be’s Shirt and Pant: Urban Outfitters Groom-to-Be’s Skinny Tie: H&M / Groom-to-Be’s Shoes: Aldo


top ten styles picked for thursday…

(all photos from pinterest)



I haven’t tried this yet but definitely will want to…

(photo from free people)
What you need to fabricate a vintage T-shirt:
1/4 c sodium carbonate washing soda
2 c salt
1 pack fine-grit sandpaper
1 new T-shirt

Step 1: Make Your Mix
To create a vintage T-shirt, start by mixing together the washing soda and salt. “The salt acts as an abrasive, making the shirt look older,” says Miyong Noh, who, as head dyer at Gene Mignola in New York City, ages clothing for designers such as Calvin Klein and Polo Ralph Lauren. The alkaline washing soda breaks down the new shirt’s built-in coating that keeps it stiff, crisp, and . . . well, new. Start with one size larger than you wear; it will shrink considerably.

Step 2: Do The Wash
Throw the shirt into the washing machine with a towel or with other shirts you’re trying to age. Set the machine on the highest temperature. “The heat weakens the fibers,” Noh says. After the water has risen past the top of the load, dump in the soda/salt mixture and your usual detergent. After it’s done, dry the shirt on high heat. Then mix up another, smaller batch of soda and salt, and repeat the whole cycle three to five times, drying on high heat after each wash.

Step 3: Brush It Off
Now for that pesky logo. “Most printed shirts are screened with a resin-based material called plastisol,” Noh says. “You can distress the hell out of the shirt, and the plastisol logo will still be pristine.” Here’s where some elbow grease comes in. Using fine sandpaper, lightly swipe at the logo using circular but irregular strokes. “You have to make the aging look natural,” says Noh.

(DIY found on Pinterest from Free People by Men’s Health)



a sneak peak of our 2013 summer collection – coming soon to the shop at embriven.com!

model: sarah meek
makeup aritist: felisha whitney


Wedding DIY Photobooth

Mehdi and I recently did our own little photobooth photoshoot in order to create our wedding website. Doing this on your own was easier than I thought and it definitely saves you so much money! This project is fun, simply and easy!

What you鈥檒l need:
– Cardstock or scrapbook paper
– Home printer with ink and paper
– Tape
– 3/4 inch natural wooden beads
– Colored twine
– Scissors
– Glue
– Full roll of wrapping paper or solid/design cloth (5X4 ft or larger)

Step 1: Use the template of triangular shape, print it out, and cut out 5-6 triangles. Do this once on white printer paper and trace over cardstock/scrapbook paper or print directly on.

Banner Cut-Out
Step 2: Punch holes as directed on cutout and pull colored twine through holes to create the banner

Step 3: Cut wrapping paper or colored/design cloth (5X4 ft or larger depending how big you want your backdrop) and tape the edges to a spacious wall (I used a chevron print wrapping paper roll as seen below)

Tip: Try using a matte type paper so the wall won’t glare when taking the photos

Step 4: Tape your banner to the top of the backdrop

Step 5: Use the template of various shapes, print out, and cut out on colored cardstock paper

Step 6: Lay your cardstock side up and glue the top of the wooden skewer to the cardstock

Step 7: Make sure your props are satisfactory by testing them out in the mirror, you can also buy your own props

Step 8: Pose in front of the photobooth and snap your pictures!

Step 9: Optional – edit your pictures and post on your website

Here are some of our pictures:

Another example from our website:

This is a great and inexpensive way to create photos for your wedding (Save the Dates, Engagement photo session, website, etc.). It was also a fun experience because we were just goofing off while catching it all on camera. Hope you all can use this for your wedding or any other event.


Dora D.